Schmidt Goodman is honored to represent some of the top innovative office product manufacturers in the world. Our strong relationships with our dealer partners allow us to provide our customers with the best-in-class office product solutions. As a Steelcase Authorized Dealer, we have exclusive access to comprehensive research, analysis and insight into how people work today. As a global thought leader and a international company, Steelcase is the largest office furniture company in the world, and Schmidt Goodman is proud to be one of Steelcase’s authorized vendors. 

Dealer Partnerships

Partnerships exist to help solve your business problems through tightly linked processes, technologies and strategies which help us work together collaboratively and proactively on your behalf.

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Furniture Partnerships

We’ve carefully selected a set of furniture partners that augment our strategic partner relationships. These partners help fulfill important product portfolio gaps, are collaborative partners and we have confidence in their proven service levels.